The Florida Super Jam

You are invited... January 7-10, 2015
to The un-Conventional Jam!!!

The Florida Super Jam

2014 proved that The Florida Super Jam was.....

a Carnival of Fun!

...over 230 attendees from 10 different Countries.



 The ONLY ONE in The USA! 

 Not Just A Balloon Jam!

A Super Balloon Jam!

 The Woodstock of Balloons!

 Come To Orlando...Come Twist with FRIENDS!!

We will Have a SUPER TIME planned for you in 2015 

January 7-10th with Private classes Sunday the 11th.
Hotline 516-523-1295
Producers Sheree Brown-Rosner and Herschel Rosner 
and Their Crew can't wait to see
YOU in 2015!

***check Crew Page*** 
***for MORE updates***
Click here and Take a Look we were on
FOX News this Year 2014!!!

****FYI If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to call; the FSJ Hotline 516-523-1295

Just too much to list. If you have Questions just pick up the phone and call.
People just know it starts at 9am till 12am every day 4 Days! If you are just starting or a seasoned pro there are things for YOU!!! Every minute Jam Packed with info that will help you make Money with your Art! again my # is 516-523-1295

We have an extremely Talented Crew that takes the time with Everyone. We have lots of other Countries attending this event they all understand this is a FUN event, The classes are NOT all at the same time so you CAN see it all if you want to! You will get your moneys worth and Much,much more...

Click here to see some of the FUN @ The Florida Super Jam 2014!!!

A Warm Weather Jam
in the Winter?
What a concept!
 Sheree and Herschel with their Crew
 are joining forces to bring YOU 
an ...Old Time Jam! ...a Super Jam!

Want more info email us at

This Is a SUPER Balloon Jam,
We had over 230 attendees in 2014 and Growing!!!

ALL The Classes, Special Events, Entertainment and More! 
$160.00 Adult and $100.00 Child (Mail-in check)
$160.+$10. fee, or $100.+$10. fee (Online PayPal)
 $180.00 Adult and Child $110.00 (Cash at Door)

*We will be having a Beginners Flash* class every morning for ALL the Newbies!
Every Day we will have a Deco Tips and Tricks Flash* class
with Crew Members

But Intermediate and Advanced Twisting Will also be covered during the Flash* classes.

Come Join Us!

We will be having 12- 1 hour classes and many half hour Flash classes
There will be lots of  The Flash Classes during the Balloon Jamming and Group Build.
Crew Members will be Sharing  their Knowledge thru out the event.

If you dream it you can Twist it!
Check out the Past Bios and Friends pages for more info!!!
Updates all the time!
Plus...more to come.
Watch for OUR Special----Four Seasons of FUN!!!
Plus the Group Build!
This Year's Theme 
The Florida Super Jam is...???

Every Night we will have a Special Event Happening.
***Wednesday Night *** Meet and Greet! 
***Thursday Night    *** The International Air-Olympian Contest
Sponsored By Qualatex!!

Be there for ALL our SPECIAL Surprises...
***Friday Evening  ***DJ with
Balloon Costume Parade and Party

Plus an additional special event 
Sponsored By Betallic! 

***Saturday Night Prizes...Raffles... plus even more FUN!!!
                              Our Registration Page is Open 

                 WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN 2015...

                         Our Goal is for the Balloon Community
                                 to have 
an Event where we can

                          Share, Learn, Jam, and just have FUN!!!

                           In a Warm Place!!! With BALLOONS!!! 

***Mail in Registrations MUST be in By December 1st 
after December 1st  Pay Pal or CASH$$at Door
Refunds available up to November 23,2014 Only

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