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Back to Share with YOU…Ms Dot will be making a Special Visit with her effervescent personality and balloon knowledge make her someone you’ll want to chat with during this exciting Florida Super Jam! 
Ms Dot began working as a balloon Artist in 1997, and has since won numerous industry awards, including 1st Place "Top Fashion Designer" in the 2008 Balloon Couture Fashion Show at Diamond Jam/Balloon Camp- Las Vegas.
Her experience with Balloon Fashion Shows in Shanghai, Hong Kong, China, USA, and Canada has given her a new passion for Balloon Dress Design. She also won Top Twister in 2004 (Twist and Shout).
Ms Dot is an International Instructor, and has produced many instructional DVD’s


Sheree Brown-Rosner

Herschel Rosner

At the Registration Desk, Margaret will check you in and answer questions for you, Terry will be our all around Jam Guy... helper to All! 

Sponsored by FSJ

Diane Cross 

​Mr Jack- (Germany)

Jan is an award-winning, international instructor and well recognized for her brilliant and clever design concepts using beautiful Betallic foils and latex. She’s featured in many balloon educational videos including Betallic’s popular YouTube channel highlighting bBrilliant Tips and bDesign Tutorials. She consistently showcases a fresh palette of designs and innovative techniques in her entertaining and motivational presentations. She is known for her color use, creative concepts, and innovative techniques in her high-visual-value balloon designs. She’s...“Brilliant with Betallic!" 

Benny is happy to be back at the Florida Super Jam and excited to officially be joining the crew. He is a professional magician, puppeteer, ventriloquist and balloon artist. He also consults on shows for fellow performers as well as professional and community productions. He first learned deco at the Florida super jam and hasn’t stopped since! 

Sponsored in part by FSJ

Sheldon Blake

​Florida (USA)

Eve will be teaching a Deco class and in the Jam Room and sharing many Tips & Tricks.

She will also be in a Qualatex Deco Corner in the Jam Room!!!

Sponsored in part by FSJ

Benny Kirshner Michigan(USA)

Josh Clark (Balloon Josh)

​Texas, USA

Teruaki Ito - (Japan)

Mr Jack will be Joining us to... "Strike Up the Band"

Eve Antonello Cba

He has traveled the World Entertaining he wants to help you seal deals and get the contracts you want and deserve.

Miss Dot

Sponsored in part by FSJ

Sponsored in part by FSJ

Iraida Marero and Alejandra Gonzalez 

Our Crew and YOU make the difference.

We Caught the Wave to The Everglades in 2018...

***We SAILed into 2019 with FSJ...

We had an Awesome... 2020 Experience!

"The Grand Tour"  A Trip Around the World! 

Then Our Successful ...FSJ 2021 Digital Balloon Summit/ Homevention
We joined together in 2022 & "Pumped it Up! and Celebrated"

in Person... at FSJ2022!!!


Let's Twist Again and Strike Up the Band! 

for our 15th YEAR 2023

Register Today!!!

Welcome FloridaSUPERJam 2023 Crew 

(ALL Teachers subject to change)

We offer the best Balloon Artists in the business, to Share their Knowledge. We pride ourselves in maintaining a Family-friendly Event!  Offering an Affordable alternative to other higher priced conventions.   We’ve hand-picked a high-quality Super Crew of Twisters, Decorators and Entertainers to Share Designs, Concepts, Marketing and more, 

No question is too big or too small. If you have a  design problem,

our experts can help you find a solution.

​Hope to see YOU in 2023

David Sapper -Texas,(USA)

Jeff D'Ambrosio (USA)

Darren Mortiboy (Northern Ireland)

The Florida Super Jam-2023​ 

Margaret and Terry Moore

Jan Iiams  Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Sponsored in part by FSJ

 The Florida Super Jam 2023 

​A Educational Balloon Twisting Decorating And Entertainment Event

Sponsored in part by FSJ

​This is NOT a Class on how to make a Balloon... it is a class to LEARN to make $$$ with your Skills!

​Sheldon Wants to help YOU Realize YOUR potential!

Dave started off his journey over 20+ years ago with balloon decor as owner/head designer of a floral & gift business. Since then, he has blossomed into a multifaceted entertainer with the addition of balloon twisting, airbrush, face painting, magic, phototainment , DJ/emcee, character performer (Santa, Grinch, etc.) and much more. Dave just finished 2+ months on the road performing over 240+ family-friendly stage shows across six states and was featured on live TV interviews on multiple TV network news channels. Dave’s diversity, knowledge, determination, and willingness to help others makes him an enthusiastic addition to this Florida Super Jam crew.

Teresa has attended many past Florida Super Jams, she has always made an effort to Help and Share! Now in 2023 she will be Back on the Crew after Teaching her Standing Room Only 2020 class!!!

Watch for what she has in store for us! Fast Line Work Designs... YOU WILL use!!!

Mr "A" Richard Adler  

Florida (USA)

David will be the co-Coordinator for the Group Builds

He will need YOUR Help with them.   Plus... He will be in the Welcome Show and the MC for Our BIG Raffle Night!

Silvia will be the Lead in the Qualatex DECO corner in the Jam Room

She is there to HELP with ALL your Deco Questions and to have Hands on Learning 

Tech Crew

David Gerber

Illinois (USA)

A very Talented Artist , FSJ is excited to have Teruaki Ito coming all the way from Japan to Share and Learn with us.

And All of  YOU...

Has been entertaining children with award winning performances and balloon artistry since 2008. He combines his fun personality with a unique business approach to produce a one-of-a-kind entertaining experience. What really makes Jeff stand out is how he relates to the children and his audience. His work has been featured on television and in schools, libraries and malls all across New York State. He has also won the "Best Children's Entertainer" in Central New York award for 2015 and 2016. Jeff also tours to teach industry focused workshops to groups of entertainers nationwide. Jeff will also be in our Welcome Show in 2023.

Diane is a retired RN, hence the name Balloonatic RN. I discovered balloon twisting 14 years ago, when my hospital had their 50th anniversary, August 2008.  
I attended my first balloon convention, T&S in LA in February 2009. Met my new family. Since then, I have attended over 50 conventions.
My specialty is linework, although I love doing twisted centerpieces.  I am queen of the pre-makes. Small premade items to enhance my sculptures.  I stuff pom poms into clears for eyeballs & bubblegum machines.  I make pigtails & bamboo sticks for simple top print animals, and lots of other stuff.

Balloon Josh fell in love with balloon twisting at nine years old. He has been twisting balloons for over 31 years. In that time, he has twisted Balloons in 46 out of the 50 states, and 19 different countries. He gets excited sharing his love of balloon art with others.  He has made it his goal to try and come up with a brand new balloon design every single day. He has built a successful Event entertainment company in Houston Texas.  Balloon Josh was the host of a children’s TV show, and he loves teaching others how to make Balloon Art.  He has recently gained a large following on TikTok because of his creative balloon cosplays and quick balloon tutorials.  His goal is to make the world a better place one smile at a time. 
Why I’m excited to teach for Betallic:
I am so incredibly excited to teach for Betallic. As a professional balloon artist who has been doing this my entire life, I know that the quality of the balloons I’m using greatly affects the quality of the art that I’m creating. I have used every brand of balloons that I can get my hands on.  And my experience has been that Betallic is hands-down the best.  There are things that I can make with Betallic balloons that are so much more difficult with any other brand.  I have done multiple balloon brand comparison videos, and Betallic balloons come out on top and every single category.  I am honored to have the opportunity to represent such an amazing company. Betallic empowers balloon artists to literally change the world by giving us the tools we need to lift spirits and brighten lives through Balloon Art.  

Thank you GOLD Sponsors

Gemar Balloons

Betallic Balloons

Qualatex Balloons

Denzil Jac Florida, (USA)

Education Development Manager / Qualatex Instructor

at Pioneer Balloon Company

Sponsored by FSJ

Mr.Jack Balloon Artist is based in Hamburg Germany. He has been making balloons for 12 years. He creates many unique large designs and many cool line work designs. Mr.Jack working for many customers all over Germany and has also already twisted balloons in e few European countries. He will be teaching his newest designs and sharing them with you!

Welcome Show MC

Back by Popular Demand

sponsored byFSJ

CALL US  FSJHotline 516-523-1295

FSJ Build consultant

Silvia Santos Cba

Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons

Pioneer Balloon Company

Teresa Forst

Nebraska (USA)

Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons

Pioneer Balloon Company

We are an expert mother and daughter team of Balloon decorators, with extensive experience. We have been  interviewed by newspapers and television for helping many  families to generate money from the air. We will be teaching a design concept that will help Balloon Twisters with a practical and easy method of Balloon Decoration, that will be certain to please their clients.

Your Co-Producers, and Crew strive to bring you The BEST *Entertaining Educational Family Friendly Experience.  We search the internet all year finding New and Amazing
 People and Balloon related items to make this event 
...an Experience YOU will never Forget!
Learn and Share with Friends...old and NEW!
Peace Out, Jam On!

Sponsored by 

Denzil will be involved in the Pre Delivery and securing items we can not bring with us from NY. 

Florida - (USA)

Sponsored By Betallic Balloons

Our team of experienced Balloon Professionals are dedicated to providing award-winning classes to our attendees. We have planned a Fresh, Cutting Edge, Innovative Educational Event. We're proud that so many of our Super Jam Attendees have repeatedly come back over the past years to Learn and Share with our Crew and each other!  We're here to help you succeed.

Look for her Mini-Class in the Jam Room!

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Sponsored in part by FSJ

Originally from Guatemala, David lived in San Francisco, California for 15 years and now calls San Antonio, Texas his home. He is a practicing Magician since he was 15 years old and doing balloon art since he was 13!  David began the art of twisting balloons professionally in 2010 when his daughter was born for additional income. He has won multiple Awards for his art and entertaining talent. David loves Art and tends to favor abstract stylings and gets inspiration from his two children, who keep him in tune with what is popular nowadays.  David also holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education, but he loves to Entertain.  Excited to be Sponsored by GEMAR and to teach at The Florida Super Jam, he is looking forward to meeting you all and sharing his unique balloon designs.

Illinois, (USA)

Sponsored by FSJ