The Florida Super Jam's 2019
 Balloon Adventure!
...come SAIL into 2019 with FSJ!
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Debbie Stevens Will be Back Again!!! 

James Brock

Jeff D’Ambrosio has been entertaining children with award winning performances and balloon artistry since 2008. He combines his fun personality with a unique business approach to produce a one-of-a-kind entertaining experience. What really makes Jeff stand out is how he relates to the children and his audience. His work has been featured on television and in schools, libraries and malls all across New York State. He has also won the “Best Children’s Entertainer” in Central New York award for 2015 and 2016. Jeff also tours to teach industry focused workshops to groups of entertainers nationwide.​

Debbie will be Helping to keep the Group Builds on Track, along with sharing her Balloon Knowledge! Watch for upcoming info as we get closer to 2019...

Dennis Bauyon

Jeff D'Ambrosio​  sponsored in part by FSJ

Sponsored in part by FSJ

"I've loved balloons for as long as I can remember. In fact, that's actually a red balloon I'm holding in the picture. I've been twisted since 1984, when I started reading every balloon book that Ralph Dewey wrote. I've produced 23 VHS balloon instructional videos. Yes, I'm that old. I've traveled the world teaching our chosen craft. But my favorite thing to do is to twist skinny tubes of tree sap into the heart's delight of whoever happens to be standing at the front of my line. Just give me a festival street corner for my set-up, and I'm a happy camper. If you're up for learning some quick and easy charmers that are fast and furious out of the bag, while being up and at 'em for bringing out the 5, 10, & 20 dollar bills, come on over to the Jam Room and let's play!"

Terry may be more widely recognized by other balloonists for his smile and wit than his

twisted creations. To further develop his twisting skills over the last two decades, he has

participated in multiple Florida Super Jams and Balloon Manor builds, T&S conventions as

well as being a regular attendee at Long Island Twister Jams and NYC jams.  He looks
forward to again share his time and knowledge with all,especially newcomers 

to The Florida Super Jam.  Terry is Our Raffle Ticket Super Seller… 
see him to buy some for our Super Saturday night Prize drawings!
We Welcome Margaret  back ***Heading up our Registration Table and more...

 Noga and Moshe come to FSJ All the way from Israel, they use a large selection

of  balloons and a wide selection of colors and shades.
Being Artists and lovers of challenges, they established Haftahot and respond to various challenges related to various designs in balloons, and preparing figures, backdrops and backgrounds. Moshe is teaching but they are both here to SHARE with YOU!

You Know Him... You LOVE Him....  Sharing some FUN! Hoping to have him "in Person" for 2019!!!​​

Bruce Jacoby

See Bruce in the 2019 FSJ Welcome Show... a Magical Balloon Artist that will put a SMILE on your face.


Sheree Brown-Rosner

Herschel Rosner

Jan Iiams  Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Richard Adler

Gemar Sponsored Teacher???????

Your Co-Producers, and Crew strive to bring you The BEST *Entertaining Educational Family Friendly Experience.  We search the internet all year finding New and Amazing
 People and Balloon related items to make this event Experience YOU will never Forget!
Learn and Share with Friends...old and NEW!
Peace Out, Jam On!

Sponsored in part by FSJ

Nate Whitney

Justin Perez

Sponsored in part by FSJ

Our Crew and YOU make the difference.

Check Back We are still Adding MORE CREW for 2019

Who will Show up NEXT?

Our team of experienced Balloon Professionals are dedicated to providing award-winning classes to our attendees. We have planned a Fresh, Cutting Edge, Innovative Educational Event. We're proud that so many of our Super Jam Attendees have repeatedly come back over the past years to Learn and Share with our Crew and each other!  We're here to help you succeed.

Watch HERE for ALL updates & MORE Crew Members for 2019

      We Caught the Wave to The Everglades in 2018...

***Come SAIL into 2019 with FSJ... 

Let's WELCOME our FSJ2019 CREW

Our SUPER 2019 Crew

(subject to change)

We offer the best Balloon Artists in the business, to Share their Knowledge. We pride ourselves in maintaining a Family-friendly Event!  Offering an Affordable alternative to other higher priced conventions.   We’ve hand-picked a high-quality Super Crew of Twisters, Decorators and Entertainers to Share Designs, Concepts, Marketing and more, No question is too big or too small. If you have a  design problem, our experts can help you find a solution.

*Additional Crew Members will be added, check back to  see who will be next!​

​Hope to see YOU in 2019.

​Sponsored in part by FSJ

Jeff Hayes LIVE from Australia

 "Mr A" We HOPE will be back as our "Welcome Show MC"

Qualatex Sponsored Teacher????

Gerry Giovinco is best known as Captain Visual the World’s One and Only Super Clown. He has created several balloon books and videos that have introduced many to the great creative potential of balloon art. Beyond balloons, he is also the innovator of the PLHummer Kazoo and a caricaturist that has illustrated innumerable creative coloring pages as promotional tools for clowns and entertainers everywhere!

Michael Hughes

Welcome to Our FSJ19 Flash Class Crew

Michael of Magical Balloons is an amazing talented balloon artist who has been wowing people with his awesome designs for over two decades. 

He will be teaching a wide array of designs.He is a Gold-Mine of Balloon Knowledge! His Line work to Dress Making Designs are Priceless.  Plus he will be in the Jam Room Sharing with everyone!

Teresa Forst/Shades the Clown

Sponsored by FSJ

Moshe and Noga Haftahot

Teresa has attended many past Florida Super Jams, she has always made an effort to Help and Share!

Now in 2019 she will take yet another step in her Balloon Career... she will be teaching a Flash class on "Keeping it Simple and Fast for Line Twisting" 

​Sponsored in part by FSJ

Michael Crayton

John Holmes...  Jam Room Mentor    sponsored by FSJ

Sponsored in part by FSJ

Justin Reams

Sponsored in part by FSJ

The Florida Super Jam 2019 

​A Educational Balloon Twisting Decorating And

Entertainment Event

Michael Bey started twisting in 1996 as Funky the Clown.  After discovery two books by Captain Visual on balloon twisting, his life changed forever.  He now twists professionally and face paints 6 nights a week at 6 restaurants as a pirate, but does many characters and has many costumes.  He now is used by all the talent agencies, hotels, country clubs, businesses, churches, and schools in the area.  He's been blessed and wants to give back to the balloon community by teaching and sharing what he knows.  Michael Bey owns a multi-media production/entertainment company, MB3 Productions, Inc in Naples, Florida.

  He will be Teaching and Sharing "How he Does Restaurants All Week long! "

He will also touch upon his Face Painting Skills...and Entertainment Skills as well! 

Michael will be teaching a Balloon 101 class as well as running the Stage Audio. 

Justin from Twist of Fun Balloon Art, has Taught at and attended almost every Florida Super Jam since the beginning... a past Winner from our (Dog Show themed Year) He is back to Share more of his Decorating /Twisting Skills.

Get ready to work side by side with him on our Group Build, and many Twisted Murals in 2019!

Sponsored in part by FSJ

Sarah Mustafa

Michael Bey

Jan will be bringing her Knowledgable Creative Mind with her as she Teaches Link-a-Loon designs for use in our Parade as wearables and Costumes also some easy Decoration, she will be sharing some SUPER Techniques for Deco-Twisters! 

Sponsored by Betallic Balloons

Justin is the creative genius behind Balloon Buccaneers, his family’s Balloon company. He has won International Awards in Twisting and Large Balloon sculptures.  Justin has attended several Florida Super Jams and will be teaching a Flash class this year.  He is excited to see old friends and make new ones!

Available to Help in to many ways to list! James will be involved in the Balloons 101 Class.

"Captain Visual" Gerry Giovinco

​Will be Sharing her Balloon Knowledge with us all the way from Brazil...

Heather Griffin - Fun with a Twist

Nao Osaka

Margaret and Terry Moore

A true balloonatic, Dennis constantly has balloons on the brain - so much so, that there are balloons in his pockets at any given time! His love for balloons began when Dennis twisted his first one-balloon dog at his son's 7th birthday party - and now there is nothing that Dennis can't create! His favourite Betallatex colours are Deluxe Toffee and Peach Blush, which is perfect for so many of his "AIR-icatures"! All the way from Canada... Dennis Bauyon is very excited to meet you all at FSJ 2019 and cannot wait to share his creative balloon ideas with you!

Who will be the Next Crew Member to be Announced???

Nate will be the Group Build Coordinator, as well as teaching a class. He will be helping out as needed to insure you have a SUPER Great time at FSJ19

From Japan Nao...   Might be back to JAM with us in 2019. Come Learn from this Amazing Artist.

sponsored in part by FSJ

Known to ALL by her Balloon Designs on YouTube, and her Apparel line found at 

Look who's coming back in 2019 for another 

 "Heather loves children and started Fun with a Twist when she retired in 2007 as a way to fill her need to interact with children (her grandchildren live about 6,000 km from her home). She also enjoys twisting and creating balloon decor while she and her husband spend their winters in Destin, Florida each year as they escape the cold northern winters of their home province of Newfoundland, Canada. FSJ19 will be her first formal balloon instruction experience, after her informative decor mini-class with her table arches last year. Back by popular demand, watch the schedule for the time for Heather’s repeat class in table arches in the decor corner of the Jam room! 

Holly The Twister Sister