The Florida Super Jam-2023​ 

Interactive Fantasy Balloons

Instructor: Josh Clark

Sponsored by Betallic

Impress your clients with a variety of fanciful balloon weaponry, including a Wizard’s Staff, Magical Wand, spot-on Laser Blaster, brilliant Lightsaber, and a cool Arm Cannon. WOW! Josh will show you how to make these popular designs and share his secret for fun interaction with kids waiting their turn in line to become fully armed for fun!

Join us in 2023

January 10 (set-up and Pre-class) *$20. Cash for pre-class 7pm 

11-14th Main Jam, 15-16th (The after Jam)

2023 Event Schedule

​classes are subject to change

If you have any class questions please email us ...

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Wings, Kings & Things

Instructor: Josh Clark

Sponsored by Betallic

Wearable balloon art is popular and impressive! Join Josh to learn three of his most popular designs that are guaranteed to be a hit with your clients, too. He’ll share step-by-step instructions for his tried-and-true Phoenix Wings, Creative Crowns, and a Jet Pack. Best of all, he’ll share bonus designs for twisting along in the jam room!

​Jan’s Brilliant Deco-Twist Designs

Jan will demonstrate brilliant money-making balloon decor concepts you can embellish with your own clever twister sculptures.  Portable, air-filled arrangements are quick to assemble and certain to impress your customers every time. Learn important mechanics to make spectacular Betallic foil and latex designs to increase your repertoire. This is an easy upsell you’ll want to add NOW for expanded options and greater profits!

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The Florida Super Jam LOVES ZOX! 

​You are gifted one in your Badge Packet... they are to wear and trade with others during the Jam. We also have extras available for sale at the Registration Desk!

Here are some Class Descriptions

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Fast Balloon Dresses

Instructor: Josh Clark

Sponsored by Betallic

Ever feel like balloon dresses are beyond your skills and time constraints? In this class, you’ll learn how simple it is to make an eye-catching balloon dress in as little as 30 minutes using as few as 30 balloons! Josh will teach you how to make fast balloon dresses as well as balloon cosplays to fit all themes, occasions and ages, and show you how you can add these items to your bookings for greater variety, social media value and profits

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I can SAVE YOU $10. on ZOX

Josh’s Cutie Patootie Animals
(Fun and Cute Animals)

Instructor: Josh Clark

Sponsored by Betallic

Who doesn’t love an adorable balloon animal? Josh will share some of his most popular and clever critter designs. Get ready to recreate this wild menagerie, including attention-getting Tigers, Puppies, Dragons, and the ever-popular Unicorns, featuring various types of head and body styles. You’ll learn how to mix and match head and body styles to create a wide variety of different animals, no matter what is requested! You’ll want to take ALL of these Cutie Patootie designs home!