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The Florida Super Jam
603 Joy Blvd.
Baldwin, New York 11510

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   4 Day Registration, Or?
*Most Attendees come in the day before (making it a 5 Day Event) to have a FREE Learning Experience Helping with the Decorating and Set-up for the Event. 

NOW we are having an *After-Jam FUNtime on the 10th & 11th!!!

(making it a 7 Day Event)

Please Note:

The Hotel Does NOT have a Shuttle from the Airport... maybe use an Uber, Taxi or Car Rental or have a friend pick you up...


Registrations will Open SOON!!!

Day Rate Registrations are also coming
Day Rates  (January 6-9, 2021)
Adult Mail a Check or Cash at Door, discounted rate 
     Children Mail a Check or 
Cash at Door, discounted rate

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Adult coming SOON for a 1 day Event

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CALL US  FSJHotline 516-523-1295

Join us for a "SUPER  ADVENTURE" 

Educational, and Affordable Come see for yourself what we planned for YOU!!! 

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Child coming SOON​ for a 1 Day of Event

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***ALL Mail-in Registrations MUST be in By November 24, 2020 
All PayPal Registrations MUST be in By December 27, 2020
 Then PayPal or CASH at Door
NO Checks!!!
Refunds available up to November 24, 2020

Refund Policy
There are No Refunds after November 24, 2020
Transfers are allowed up to December 30, 2020
A Transfer fee of $50.00 per registration, will be charged. 
Transfers allowed only with approval of The Producers.
Any and ALL questions Please call 516-523-1295 (the Hotline) 
No changes to Registrations are allowed one week prior to Event.
Registration credits will NOT be forwarded to the following year.

All Performance and Class Schedule(subject to change)

EarlyBirdie Price
Child coming SOON for a 4 Day Event

The Florida Super Jam's 2021
 Balloon Experience!
 ...with FSJ!